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COVID PCR Testing with Same Day Results, Specializing in Film and TV Production

We work with numerous large productions such as Amazon Studios and offer on-site, drive-thru, and at-home viral PCR testing.  We can accommodate hundreds of COVID PCR tests daily with same-day results.  Flexible, competitive, discounted group rates and packages are available. 

We also offer counseling and both viral PCR and antibody testing a location of your convenience. We can accommodate hundreds of tests daily with same-day results. Flexible and discounted group rates and packages are available.

Types of Tests

PCR Test

PCR testing determines the presence of the COVID-19 virus which is indicative of a current infection.

Antibody Tests

Antibody testing detects COVID-19 antibodies indicative of prior exposure to the virus.

Rapid COVID Testing

COVID testing with speedy test results. Patients will receive antigen test results within 2 hours.


Type of Test

Same-Day Results

Drive Thru PCR Testing


Drive Thru Rapid Antigen Testing


Antibody Testing


TV/Film Production or Corporate Testing

Los Angeles COVID-19 Testing Process

Step #1

Schedule an appointment

Step #2

A medical staff member will come to you and perform the test outside of your home or office, or at our drive-thru

Step #3

We will contact you the same day with the results

We offer COVID-19 PCR testing at our Drive-thru or at the safety of your home or office. We also offer recurring testing plans and on-site corporate testing for larger groups. We use CDC recommended protocols that directly detect the presence of the virus.

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